10 Romantic things to do on the Central Coast

Love is definitely in the air this season. It’s that month again in which you will have to prepare for the best plan for your date. When you decide to choose a romantic holiday in the Central Coast, you will never have to worry. This is because there are numerous places to choose from any time of the year. That’s right! The season for romance does not only last within Valentine’s period but it also lasts for the whole year within Central Coast. So, to help you decide in making your special someone feel special, we give to you Ten of the most Romantic Things that you can do  to make your romantic holiday as memorable as possible:

Romantic Date in Avoca Picture Theatre

The Avoca Picture is a famed and historic Theatre that has been the place where many successful relationships have started. It has given precious memories for, if not thousands, around ten thousands of couples during their early days as a couple in Central Coast. And for that reason, it is only right that you should make time to visit this celebrated theatre not only for the romantic environment, classic ambiance and, the up-to-date movies but also for the nostalgic feels it gives. You may never know, who knows, you might be able to meet your soulmate. Or if you already have found yours, then maybe it may bring good fortune to your relationship in the future.

Laycock Street Theatre

Aside from the Avoca Picture Theatre, Laycock Street Theatre stands out from the rest of the popular theatre that you and your partner should visit during this season of romance. As a place that is maintained and owned by the city council of Gosford, the theatre is definitely one of the best projects of the government in contributing to the artistic industry within the community. Furthermore, the place is definitely a perfect choice for couples who enjoy romantic evenings through excellent performances.

Date Picnic on the sea

Aside from Land, of course, the sea is a pretty romantic for you to spend with your special someone. The waters of the Central Coast is the perfect place both of you together can enjoy because of the scenic views and the romantic evening feels it give. You can simply hire boats that are available in the area for they are pretty abundant. These boats feature dinner over the quiet and quaint Central Coast waters. Lastly, there are lots of firms offering fun activities in water, even for adults.

Horse Riding Activity

Horse Riding is one of the most romantic activities you can do because it fills the adventurous desires of you and your special someone paired with breathtaking scenery and fresh air. As a great romantic getaway, you must also keep in mind to find the best place to do horse riding. One of the most recommended places on the Central Coast is Glenworth Valley. Moreover, the place is pretty flexible for it provides other adventures such as kayaking, laser skirmish activities, quad biking and many more.

Wine tasting

Aside from having a picnic, wine tasting is pretty romantic as it sounds. One of the perfect places you can do this is the Firescreek Fruit Wines. This is one of the countless wineries around the area, that can make your tasting become more exciting and romantic than never before. With this, you can enjoy another option to add adventure with lots of lovely moments in the area.

Check the Romantic Sunset Beach Views

There is something about beaches that make the feeling of romance overflow. It may sound to common but be watching the sunset and the scenic views in the Central Coast will bring you a whole new romantic experience like no other. Experience the golden sunset filled with the aroma of love around the air as you treasure your moment with your special someone in Central Coast.

Skydiving in Tandem

Ever thought of spending a moment in the sky, floating around the air with the most special person in your life? Then the Central Coast is just right for you. The place features Skydiving that will provide you a safe jump with the most exciting experience. This is something that you and your special someone will remember for the rest of your lives. So don’t waste time and book a flight now to get your ideal romantic holiday experience.

Tour Around the Markets

Do you desire to obtain the best souvenirs with your special someone? Visit Central Coast to discover the best items in weekly and seasonal markets. You can start by visiting the Avoca Beach Markets or the Terrigal Lions Club Car Boot Sale, and many more.  Visit these places and garner memories that will last forever.

Going into a Food Trip

The place is filled with tons of great food you and your partner both can enjoy. With this, it will be a great idea for you to spend time on a romantic date, whether it may be lunch, breakfast, or dinner.  You can start by trying restaurants such as Lizotte’s. It is filled with classy cuisine paired with romantic music.

Check-In at Romantic Accommodations

Comfortable and classy accommodations complete the romantic tour pieces that you need for your romantic getaway. The Central Coast provides you countless of options to choose from. One of these choices you can make is to visit the Avoca Palms Resort. Complete your day with the best places designated to give you the best service accommodations on the Central Coast!